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Property Management


Property management is essentially looking after all characteristic of a property, from managing the use and tenancy of a building, administrative and legal compliance issues, and assuming preservations and maintenance of the building itself.

ProPM main target is to improve each asset value by professionally combining an effective mix of tenants with an efficient management of the building. Our management teams provide a consistent and cost-effective operations service for landlords or occupiers looking to outsource the management of their operation and maintenance functions.

With an extensive approach we support our clients in reducing risks, attracting and developing long-term relationships with their tenants in order to maximize the value of their investments and minimize the costs.

  • Tenants retention contributes to the asset stability and allows us to make long-term accurate previsions. We build strong relationship with each tenant by being always connected with their needs and expectations, acting as their first point of contact in regards to any situation might appear and offering proper solutions.
  • Lease administration – Our efficiently monitoring and managing lease data system offers our clients important information regarding the opportunity of renegotiating lease terms and rates and prevent them from missing important dates.
  • Collection and accounting of income – as property managers we collect rents, pay bills, oversee repairs and maintenance of the property, identify the optimum tenant mix for assuring building’s a continuous occupancy rate.
  • Outgoings expense management and annual reconciliation of outgoings – At the end of the year we reconcile all fees associated with the operation of the property. The reconciliation of expenses corrects the tenant’s part of expenses according to the Lease. We provide tenants with complete and accurate reports with the proper back up information on all payments that the owner is authorized to recollect.    

Tenant Relationship Management

At ProPM, we understand the value of your tenants and manage your contacts easily and efficiently. We monitor the important KPIs and develop strong ties with the most valuable tenants. With a rigorous record of the contacts we plan ahead, understand your tenants’ needs and ensure long-term, prosperous tenant relationships.

Our Tenant Relationship Management Procedure includes:
  • Interface landlord / tenant relationship and management of these – daily communication, minutes of the meetings, act as first point of relation with the Tenant
  • Correspondence with the tenants regarding the terms of the leases
  • Informing the tenants about all rules and regulations that are applied in the office and offering all the information linked to the administrative resolutions and any other significant situations
  • Being permanently connected with the tenants, handling requests and complains, keeping track of the occupation and vacating of the premises, supervise the implementation of all office regulations

Financial Management & Accounting

The Financial Management and Account takes care of for your overall accounting management of capital and controlled assets. As an experienced partner we are able to guarantee that your properties are well run and their returns and costs are securely managed. This offers all the financial information essential to make the right investment resolutions.

ProPM Financial management operations includes:
  • Assistance for debt collecting and monitoring the payment receiving of the invoices for rent, service charge and utilities
  • Development cost analysis and costs estimation
  • Providing calculation regarding the utilities consumption distribution for each Tenant – energy, water and gas consumption
  • Management contracts with third parties and Support in signing new contracts with third parties
  • Annual reconciliation of service charge, if the case
  • Management of advertising contracts and antennas
  • Administration and supervision of the cleaning services and toilets consumables, garbage collection, snow removal, façade cleaning, pest control etc.

Tax & Legal Counseling

ProPM provides tailored support in managing all sides of your tax and legal operations. A team of experts and consultants is put together for each project to ensure a wide-ranging approach to challenges of the real estate market.

  • Management of insurance policies (analysis, management documents, recommendations);
  • Development cost analysis and costs estimation;
  • control of guarantees and account deposits;
  • management of municipal fees and taxes;
  • Processing of building licenses and insurances;
  • Building’s legal regulation;
  • Cadastral review;
  • Relating with the Public Administration;
  • Legal advice for possible legal trials;
  • Information on the normative papers changes which may affect the building.

Maintenance & Technical Support

ProPM has all the necessary skills to preserve your property and to take care of all maintenance, repair, modification and reference work linked to the property technical system. Clever organized maintenance plans extend the property’s facility life and cut the needs for repair, generating savings.

  • Operation and maintenance services & Lease Management;
  • Administration and supervision of the cleaning services and toilets consumables, garbage collection, snow removal, façade cleaning, pest control, etc.;
  • Elaborating and delivery of documents in accordance with good property management practice (snow removal plan, cleaning plans etc.)
  • Incidents, events, requests and claims reports - HELP DESK;