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Fire Safety Services

Our Fire Safety service not only protects the lives and safety of staff, visitors and contractors, but it ensures that the building can be operated in a safe manner. Buildings of every age and purpose need to be kept to fire code standards in order to be safe and insurable. ProPM warrants that your building - no matter the size or shape – is kept in accordance with latest fire safety regulations.

ProPM Fire Safety service includes:

  • Technical consultancy on fire safety;
  • Drawing specific technical documentation in accordance with the law regulations;
  • Security or fire safety scenarios on owner’s demand or in order to obtain approvals/ permits for fire safety;
  • Keeping fire safety specific records, such as target sheet, intervention plans, evacuation plan, annual report to assess the level of fire protection;
  • Organization of fire protection activity;
  • Programs / plans comprising own measures and actions or resulted following the authorities control.

Organization of fire protection activity mainly refers to:

  • Preparation of fire protection legal documents;
  • Preparing the files for obtaining the fire safety documentation and approvals / permits for fire safety;
  • Training personnel and keeping training records;
  • Reports following the in-house controls or competent public authority.

Preparation of fire protection legal documents:

  • The disposal of establishing the organization and responsibilities for fire protection;
  • Elaborating instructions for fire protection;
  • Provision for the regulation of working with open flames and smoking;
  • Provision of staff training organization;
  • Provision for establishing a private emergency service or contract / agreement with another private service for emergency situations;
  • Provision to stop the construction works / stop operation or use of construction / facilities in case of cancellation of fire safety permit / authorization;
  • Rules and fire safety measures when using, handling, transporting and storage of dangerous substances;
  • Agreements / contracts covering the fire protection responsibilities of the parties to in case of temporary transfer of the right to use an immovable property / contract;
  • Disposal of appointing the technical framework or specialized staff responsible for fire protection, in accordance with the law;
  • Special measures for fire protection.