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Facility Management

Through their facilities management teams, ProPM upkeeps everyday business operations by offering services that save time, money and resources. Our services are particularly valued when it comes to the daily management of a busy organization, a challenging building or location, or a business covering numerous locations. ProPM understands the importance of managing and measuring a corporate real estate facility performance in order to run successful operations.

Our Facility Management solutions rely on our day-to-day customer needs and expectations and include both soft and hard services.

Our services can be provided individually or as part of an integrated solution. ProPM’s soft facilities management serves any kind of business, whatever its extent or profile. Our multi-skilled personnel deal with all of the issues that you don’t have time for, making your workplace clean and tidy while assisting to sustain and increase the performance of your business.


Our cleaning services make sure every area of your locations is tidy and clean. With a personal approach and professionalism we’re an excellent solution for cleaning floors, equipment, windows, facades, furniture, gears and fittings. Recognized quality control procedures, continuing staff instruction and regular meetings with our Customers ensure you permanently benefit of highest quality cleaning.


Acting as a center of information the Reception represents a company’s business card, as here are welcomed, assisted and coordinated the company’s customers, guests and visitors. Our agreeable and professional personnel are trained to create a warm atmosphere so everyone feels welcome and cared for.


We are committed to create and maintain exceptional environments and beautiful surroundings in order to inspire employees, clients and visitors. Our landscaping services include ground maintenance, interior plants, floristry solutions, tree surgery or a mix of them all for a happier and more productive workspace.

Disinfection and Pest Control

We have all the capabilities to implement the right measures for the optimum hygiene of all areas. Our staff is always up-to-date on the most recent technological developments and has extensive knowledge of applicable laws and regulation in regards to disinfection.

Waste Management. Selective Collection

We guarantee the optimum control of waste and product residue, and ensure that regulatory requirements are complied in accordance with the customer needs and specifications.

Snow Removal

We are responsible for handling snow and ice problems as they occur on site. This includes snow plowing, shoveling, sanding, and salting of on-campus roads, alleyways, sidewalks, stairways, and parking lots. Every effort will be made during snow removal operations to keep areas free from snow and ice buildup.


The primary function of this service is to ensure that facilities are appropriately and clearly signed and that travel paths are clearly defined. Our signage design consultants will create a design package to address the requirements identified and to consider the branding concept of the building.

Parking Management

Our parking management services include compliance and enforcement of parking lot access and maintenance of equipment and garage. We ensure that your tenants are correctly credentialed for their parking area, apply parking restrictions, deliver weekly reports with complete car information and improve compliance actions to ensure visitors and partners are using the right parking area.

Security of the Building

In every business the protection of people, property, brand and asset is essential. ProPM has the staff, expertize and procedures required to preserve your company and to assure a safe location for your employees. For each particular asset we develop a tailored plan in order to reduce risks and safeguard the property.

ProPM is able to provide clients with a range of hard facility management services fully adjustable to their business necessities, whether these spin around short term responsive fixing or mechanical and electrical schemes. Our high quality and cost effective planned and reactive maintenance services include the following.

Help Desk

ProPM operates a 24-hour Helpdesk, which supports our clients 365 days a year for any type of reactive maintenance. The Helpdesk provides a single point of contact for clients to report any problems or service issues. The Helpdesk also provides clients with performance and progress information of each call through to completion.

Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Plan

It is a regularly implemented or scheduled custom, designed to maintain the equipment in an existing status, avoid corrosion or failure, and detect work of a corrective nature to keep equipment from causing non-productive time in any capacity. This is the detection phase of the Preventive Maintenance investment; the circumstances we detect and correct prior to failure are the return of this investment.

Supervising Maintenance and Daily Operation of Facilities Subcontractors

We ensure that professional and top quality services are provided to our clients according to ProPM standards and procedures.

Planned Maintenance Activities

It includes all statutory revisions and control of plumbing, HVAC, electrical, general electric panel, gas installation, water pump, architecture (painting, repairs, fittings), air treatment plants, generator, central heating system, chiller, smoke detection system, CCTV, barrier access, elevators, etc. and ensures that the maintenance of these systems meets the latest legal and statutory requirements.


At ProPM we provide all necessary consultancy and activities for obtaining ISU authorization in fire security. This includes fire security scenarios, fire risk assessments, authorized verification of documentation, implementation of all fire solutions imposed by the expertize reports, technical assistance in preparing the file.

Responsible with Supervision and Technical Verification of the Tnstallations (RSVTI)

Our services for this area refers to registration of ISCIR equipment, including regularly ISCIR reauthorization for all equipment that complies with the ISCIR regulation laws, keeping the customer informed about all the maintenance, inspection and overhaul actions, preparation and supervision of technical revisions, etc.

Health and Safety Procedures

Supporting a secure workplace or working environment is a responsibility that all staff members should understand and pledge to as they go about their day-to-day actions. We elaborate clearly written policies which forms part of the company guidebook and is therefore a must to employment in your business, ensures that every member of your team takes responsibility for his or her actions and is aware of your main commitment to the security of everyone in your properties - be those staff, business partners, suppliers or clients.

Architectural Services

Our staff is committed to offer specialized architectural services to ensure building environments and facilities are safe, comfortable, durable, attractive, functional, energy efficient and sustainable.

Elaboration and Permanent Updating of the Building’s Technical Book

The process is mandatory for any type of building, according to Romanian regulations. ProPM handles all the technical documents relating to the design, manufacture, inspection, operation, exploitation and tracking evolution during building’s and related facilities exploitation and elaborates the Building’s Technical Book. This includes all data, documents and records needed to identify and determine the technical condition of the building in question and its evolution over time and should be finalized before final reception.